Our vision
TopFem is the network for ambitious young women. We offer a strong network, as well as mentoring and leadership development. TopFem was founded in 2011 by Geneviève van der Veen and Maaike Riesthuis. Being ambitious students themselves, they sought an avenue for networking opportunities, mentoring and the opportunity to interact with businesses. Not being able to find what they were looking for led the young women to set up their own network, one which focusses on providing female students and young professionals an alternative to the Old Boy's Network.

The Kick-Off 2016
The Kick-Off 2016

Students and young professionals
TopFem members are presented with a unique opportunity to explore the business world, develop their soft and hard skills, and build a network for life. We offer two programmes:

  • The Mentor&Network Programme aims to give ambitious students and young professionals a head start. Networking is becoming increasingly important in today’s business environment. TopFem offers opportunities to develop networking skills by organising monthly drinks. Additionally, TopFem will link you to an experienced and professional mentor, which gives you the opportunity to consult your mentor and discuss topics which will boost your career.
  • The Leadership Programme is the greatest opportunity for self-development that TopFem offers. Not only will you be offered the opportunities of the Mentor&Network Programme, you will also be challenged to develop yourself and your leadership skills. Besides professional training you will conduct a research project of approximately 4 months at a company in the sector of your choice. Through this research project, you will come into contact with highly successful people within the sector.

Read more about our programmes here.

The Kick-Off 2015
The Kick-Off 2015

Being a mentor
Being a mentor means being an inspiration for the next generation. Storytelling offers a one-of-a-kind insight for the TopFem members. Your experience and input is of great value to our members and their careers. Interested in being a mentor? Click here to contact us.

Business and recruiters
TopFem forms a valuable link between businesses and upcoming talent. Via TopFem companies are able to meet and interact with motivated, ambitious and talented TopFem members. We are always interested to discuss partnership opportunities. Click here to contact us.