Introduction TopFem Board 2017-2018

We are honoured to introduce you to the new TopFem Board 2017-2018:

Name: Nathalie Sanglier
Age: 27 
PR Consultant at AxiCom Benelux
Function: Chairwoman
Goal: My goal for this year is to strengthen and professionalize our network by offering ambitious young women all the tools they need to develop their potential.
Personal note: My favorite way to spend a nice Saturday is surrounded by friends and family with good food a nice drink and lovely music.


Name: Chiara Beekhuizen
Age: 20
Study: Student Public Administration and Tax Law, Leiden University.
Function: Secretary
Goal: I am keen to support my board in the best possible way by efficiently running the administration of internal affairs and enriching TopFem’s network events and alumni programme.
Personal note: Cooking is one of my favorite activities, it is in my Italian nature.



Nina van der Voort
Age: 23 
Work: Commissiesecretaris at the Public Prosecution Service
Function: Finance & Acquisition
Goal: My goal is to engage in meaningful collaborations with partner organizations and spread our vision and mission among those organizations to help ambitious women develop their skills and talent.
Personal note: My favorite holiday destination is South Africa.




Name: Lisa Engberts
Age: 22 
Study: Student Corporate Law, Leiden University
Function: Programme Manager & Deputy Chairwoman
Goal: I want to disseminate the advantages of having a mentor, network with other ambitious women and make the programmes as interesting as possible for our members.
Personal note: My favorite piece of clothing are flared trousers.


Marjolein van Vliet
Age: 25 
Work: Recruiter at BIRD Recruitment
Function: Marketing
Goal: My goal this year is to put TopFem on the market as an attractive brand for every women with ambition and companies who support our vision.
Personal note: My constellation is aquarius, which is litterally translated to water-men. From my childhood on, I always called my constellation water-woman.


Name: Jeanette van Ooij
Age: 23 
Work: Mortgage acceptant at ING Bank
Function: International
Goal: I want to create a stable foundation to expand TopFem internationally so it can become a truly international network.
Personal note: My favorite song is Mean by Taylor Swift, as it tells you to never give up your dreams no matter what other people think of it.